OpenDS 5.0 - Open Source Driving Simulation

Main components

List of main OpenDS components
Go to JME 3.2 as gaming engine

JME 3.2 as gaming engine

It’s a free, open source game engine, made especially for Java game developers who want to create 3D games using modern technology. The software is programmed entirely in Java, intended for wide accessibility and quick deployment.



JBullet is Java port of Bullet Physics Library (under ZLIB license).

Go to Lightweight Java Game Library

Lightweight Java Game Library

LWJGL is a Java library that enables cross-platform access to popular native APIs useful in the development of graphics (OpenGL, Vulkan), audio (OpenAL) and parallel computing (OpenCL) applications. This access is direct and high-performance, yet also wrapped in a type-safe and user-friendly layer, appropriate for the Java ecosystem.

Go to Nifty-GUI


Open Source Java OpenGL GUI. Interactive user interfaces for games or similar applications.

3D Simulation Features:

  1. interactive connection   Realistic engine and transmission model for computation of fuel consumption

  2. html cleaner  Traffic simulation with configurable autonomous cars

  4. html cleaner  High polygon cars with HQ interior for immersive training

  5. Informative GUI for demonstrations and other purposes

  6. Word to html  Vehicles keep safety distance to the user’s car and other traffic

  7. replace textTraffic light simulation supporting red/green on approach, pre-defined cycles, software-based (e.g. SUMO) and interactive external control

  8. gibberish openDrive integration (streets with semantics meaning, e.g. position of the car relative to the lane,  distances to the center lines, etc. )

  9. Environmental (day, night, sunny, cloudy)/ weather conditions (rain, snow, fog)

  10.    Integration with TensorFlow (autonomous driving mode based on a trained network)

  11.    LiDAR Synthesis
Concept and Architecture
About OpenDS 5.0 it`s major features / polices and further usage

Open Source: Adjust the software to fit your needs under the Gnu general public license

Platform-independent: Runs on any OpenGL 2 and 3-ready device with Java Virtual Machine. Note: Oculus DK2 support only on Windows 7 machines

Based on the jMonkeyEngine: Benefit from a comprehensive and fast growing, but easy to use graphics API

2 Components: Simulator & Analyzer

High performance scene graph based graphics API

Lightweight Renderer: Light Java Game Library (LWJGL)

Bullet Physics library (jBullet) allows mesh-accurate collision shapes, experience of acceleration, friction, torque, gravity and centrifugal forces

Nifty GUI: platform independent graphical user interfaces

Basic audio support (positional and directional sound)

Integration with openDrive (introduces semantics behind street)

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